Switching Power Supply

Soft Switching Power Supply for the Most Demanding Applications

Medical imaging, electronics manufacturing, RF, and more all rely on a switching power supply to provide DC power. However, conventional power supplies generate excessive ripple noise and provide no protection against other sources. The newest superior ultra-low noise power supplies solve this problem with the latest in soft switching technology.

Switching power supply

Switching Power Supplies

When a device needs a DC input, it’s going to need a switching power supply to carry out the conversion. Unfortunately, most switching power supplies create considerable ripple noise. This is the residual AC signal that appears as a consequence of hard switching that doesn’t mitigate the waveform. Not only does this create an unusable signal in high-precision applications, but it also reduces efficiency.

Ripple noise is created by the switching power supply itself, but it isn’t the only type of noise that power supply and electronics design must account for. Conducted emissions and radiated emissions are a considerable threat in areas with significant amounts of equipment to cause interference. An effective solution needs to address all of these challenges.

The Challenge of Mitigating Switching Power Supply Noise

A major challenge in systems that use a switching power supply is finding effective ways to mitigate noise. Very pure signals can be required in medical and electronics applications, making ripple and other sources unacceptable. Many applications use a variety of different filter technologies to reduce noise, but these bring additional design problems with them.

In most cases, a filter for one type of noise may increase the noise of another type. Coil-based filters found in many devices with switching power supplies can increase leakage current. To ensure the highest level of operation, another type of solution is needed in demanding applications.

The Very Best in Low Noise Power Supplies

In the most sensitive applications, a higher standard of noise reduction is required. In many cases, there isn’t a possible way to achieve the necessary level of noise reduction through integrated filters and other methods. Instead, a superior ultra-low noise power supply is needed to avoid noise at the source.

These power supplies incorporate the latest soft switching technology to bring ripple noise to an absolute minimum. These recent advances can limit ripple to 1mV PtP, providing an effective solution in applications that require the highest possible signal quality.

New soft switching power supply technology makes it possible to achieve this level of ripple noise reduction through adaptations to AC waveforms. These power supplies also reduce leakage current and conducted and radiated emissions while remaining light and compact.

There are many applications where this level of noise reduction is required. Medical imaging, electronics manufacturing testing, and nano-tech can all benefit from using a superior ultra-low noise power supply instead of attempting other filtering methods.

Ultra low noise power supplies of this caliber are produced by Daitron Japan and Metro Japan. They provide 30W and 50W power supplies in voltage ranges from 5V to 48V. Effective solutions are available for applications of all kinds, and these power supplies are just what’s needed to ensure proper operation in highly sensitive electronics.