Project Management Software Types

Project Management Software is never one-size fits all. In fact, choosing the incorrect type of system can actually hinder a manager, because of the time involved in management of the time management software itself.

Depending on the specific targeted deadlines or benchmarks on a project, or the unique culture of an organization that is embarking on a project, pinpointing the correct type of software is crucial. Managers should review the types of software available while keeping their specific goals and initiatives in mind:

Software ManagementIntegrated project management software crosses the gamut of software needs, including spreadsheets, word processing, databases, time-management calendar keeping and presentation needs with complete graphics.

This allows managers to plan every aspect of their project on the same mainframe, with which they can present the results to colleagues, clients and investors.

This can serve as an all-in-one resource for project planning and cut down on the hassle of converting formats and specifications, when working with foreign content systems or desk-top and cloud-based programs.

Web browserWeb-based project management soft provides amazing portability and remote access to stored data in real time and gives users the ability to make updates from any work station, as opposed to accessing through software installed on a specific machine.

It has great value for organizations where talent and management are often on the road, such as with sales or global institutions.

Web-based software allows clients a secure way to access the program from any web connection and make updates or run reports on the go.

Collaboration of business peopleA collaborative approach to project management software allows users to contribute input and data on the status of a project.

This allows managers to receive real-time reports from קmployees. It is a smart solution to help a team have constant communication and cuts out much of the time wasted on emails or phone callsת while seeking updates.

Project management software designed to accommodate collaboration is a great resource for small working groups. For larger groups, collaborative software can run the risk of becoming overcrowded or confusing without the proper parameters.

Single-User/Personal Project Management Software
Laptop isolationSingle user management software is a great, streamlined way for individual talent to keep track of his task, while contributing to a project.

It allows users to keep track of personal goals and benchmarks without the distraction of other user’s input.

Desktop PCDesktop software allows users to have access to a database from the ease of their desktop PC. This information, whether collaborative or single user, is static information that is accessible only from certain machines equipped with the software.

This creates a secure, guarded network of information.

It is ideal for companies that have a VPN connection available to their stuff, so that the software can be activated remotely, yet securely, when the stuff is accessing it from outside the office.