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Project management templates dashboardTechno-pm have a large collection of free project management templates which could be useful. Over 100 templates for different phases of a project life-cycle. Techno-pm’s key focus areas are Project Status Report Templates, Project Management Dashboards, Resource Plans and Project plans. All the templates are free to download.

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Project execution phase example

You have defined your project, carefully planned it, and are now looking forward to hit the ground running. Look at you, you are entering Execution!

The Execution phase, also known as Delivery or Implementation, is typically the longest phase in the project lifecycle and the one where the majority of the project resources are employed. After all, this is when your project gets done! While the Planning phase is all about planning the work, the Execution phase is about working the plan that was developed in the previous phase.

The main purpose of this phase is to ensure that the specialist products of the project are completed against requirements and are signed-off by the client. The following processes and templates are part of this phase, please follow it one by one as per requirement:

  1. Authorize work: in order to control scope, it is essential that products assigned to the project team are authorized and agreed upon by the project manager or team leaders.
  2. Manage Execution: the process of managing the execution involves having a helicopter view of the performance of the team and the status of the deliverables with the purpose of delivering the specialist products of the project within the agreed tolerances of time, budget, and quality.
  3. Get deliverables signed-off: while projects are a fun and pleasant thing to do, it’s important to remember that you are doing it for a bigger reason – to meet the needs of a client, aka, get the products of the project to be accepted
  4. Sign-off: getting the deliverables of the project to be recognized as complete by the client is a critical responsibility of the project manager and something that should not be left to the end. Indeed, the best way to avoid surprises is to continuously confirm the scope with the client and seek formal intermediary sign-offs, as soon as each deliverable is completed and confirmed as ready for submission to the client.
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