TWProject Review

TWproject is a reliable and friendly web based project management software that helps you handling your work.

TWproject screenshot 1

It is built for managing work in an evolving set of project, tasks and issues. Each task can be associated to users (or more generally, resources) through assignments and once defined them, you get all TWproject’s benefits, for example:

– implicit workgroup definition, for sharing agenda, send messages, compare operator load
– active work log recording, and hence cost control
– personal dashboards
– issue tracking based on tasks

TWproject screenshot 2

TWproject powerful search forms help to find and manage large volumes of projects. All your filters can be saved and reused, you can always choose which is the default one. Search results can be printed, exported in PDF format, Excel format.
You can choose the project events you want to subscribe to, and also “push” subscriptions to assignees.

TWproject screenshot 3

TWproject projects support also milestones, dependencies editable from the chart, have integrated issue tracking, a diary, boards, detailed log of scope creep an much more.

Company: Open Lab
Phone: +39 055 5522779