Retailers Management Software

Inventory is the pulse of retail. Having an accurate account of product arrivals, sales and current stock availability gives a store manager or owner control over the day to day operations of their brand.

Without keeping track of your inventory, you can’t offer customers consistent service. Without consistent customer service, you don’t have customers.

inventory managementA lack of inventory control also prevents you from capitalizing on sales opportunities from best-selling items.

The bottom line is that running out of stock on highly-desired items means giving your competitor a sale.

Project management software also enables retail owners and managers to organize sales and promotions in their store. Value-added actions such as in-store sales, coupons or discount days bring customers into your store location and increase opportunities for sales.
Sales and promotions often have to be planned months in advance, and require collaboration between stock inventory, advertising initiatives and educating a sales force on promotional protocols.

Project management software enables a manager to plan, arrange, and implement store promotions in a smooth and seamless manner by creating sales projections and ordering schedules according to upcoming events.

Project management software also enables a manager to be honed in on staff schedules. The ability to plan upcoming hourly schedules around promotional events, holidays and requested time off gives a retail manager keen insight into the daily activities, inside their retail location.

Having a sufficiently staffed store, especially on a day when a coupon or sale is running, is vital to achieving customer satisfaction and enabling every potential opportunity to make a sale.
A manager who is responsible for running the staffing portion of retail enterprise needs an air-tight system, for scheduling shifts and creating back-up plans for sick days, time off, as well as unexpected busy days when additional staff is crucial.

As any retail manager knows – a lot of work goes into creating a jubilant and satisfying shopping experience for customers. A first impression counts for a lot and the right project management software can ensure, that the planning that goes on behind the scenes, can make a fabulous impression at the storefront.