IKEA Near Me

How IKEA Near Me Gave Me a Creative Sanctuary

IKEA sign at IKEA store

As a writer, I spend a lot of time on my laptop. As a person living in a bachelor’s apartment, I spend a lot of my writing in my bed or couch.  I had read so many articles about writing in a dedicated space and hadn’t gotten around to it until I visited an IKEA near me.

IKEA Near Me Provided Me with a Creative Oasis

Since my visit at IKEA near me I have a charming corner office that I can truly unleash in. The affordable and admittedly stylish furniture fits with my space perfectly, and my productivity has doubled with my IKEA corner home office.

Everything I Needed at an IKEA Near Me

I wasn’t sure how to create a home office in a bachelor apartment or even if it was possible. I also didn’t know if I could afford such a setup, even if I had the space.

I considered getting a desk from a big box store but decided against it when I found my other furniture from such stores was already falling apart before five years even passed. I wanted something that would last, but I also needed something I could afford.

Then I had to consider the negligible space in my single-room apartment. I didn’t care much for appearance, but I certainly didn’t want an eyesore.

Unsure what to do, I Googled “IKEA near me.” Soon I had the options I needed.

The first step of my journey was on the IKEA Website. I started browsing the website with little hope for a solution but was pleasantly surprised.

Clicking on the “Home Office” option under rooms, I found something I didn’t expect. An “Inspiration” page to allow people stumped to explore ideas. They had options for both creatives and people short on space.

I started with browsing their “Boost your Creativity” and “a Home Office Where your Creativity Flows”.

These gave me plenty of ideas for chairs, desk types, and storage units that would allow me to get into the zone with my writing. I then visited the “Cool Urban Corner Office” and “Work and Study in One Tidy Spot”.

After visiting both of these and browsing their products, I finally had an idea of what I wanted to do. I wasn’t set on specific pieces yet, but I had options at IKEA near me, that fit in my space while being affordable. I had decided to venture to IKEA near me when everything was open. This meant I could go into the store in person.

Once there I was met with stunning displays in the office section that allowed me to imagine how the furniture I considered should be set up.

It must have been obvious I was still indecisive, as a customer service employee working the floor approached me. She listened to my concerns, space, and budget as well as the pieces I was considering.

She pointed me in the right direction, but never pressured me to make a choice. Once I checked out I even got help loading my corner desk, chair, bookcase, and organizational tools into my car. I left IKEA store happy with my haul.