The Latest Hoverboard Features and Safety Advances

Hoverboards have been in the spotlight since they were introduced in 2014. These motorized, hands-free scooters are a great toy for children and adults. Hoverboard can also be used by students and commuters who need to travel between destinations quickly. You may have seen some in your hometown or on TV. These e-mobility devices have sprung up everywhere. What exactly Hoverboard is and why it’s so popular?


Hoverboards are also called Drift Boards and Self-balancing Scooters, are electronic mobility devices. They are powered by two motors and a rechargeable battery. Gyroscopes adjust to your shifting weight to control steering, stopping and acceleration. You could compare it to a Segway without the handles, although the two companies are unrelated.

Why Hoverboards Are Safer

Because Hoverboards were so popular when they debuted, many companies made copycat products. Quality is the main difference, and quality is essential where flammable and explosive batteries are concerned. There have been a number of news stories about serious accidents and injuries caused by low-quality counterfeit products. Hoverboard must be a UL-certified self-balancing scooter, this seal is important. Never buy a Hoverboard that doesn’t have this label and purchase only from a reputable retailers like Amazon.

Hoverboards come with 200-, 250- and 300-watt dual motors. This capacity determines the top speed and the weight capacity. The latest Hoverboard models have improved gears that give you more traction on hills and rough terrain. Children must weigh 50 pounds to ride on and to activate the foot controls. The maximum weight capacity is between 187 and 220 pounds. Check the specifications before purchasing this scooter. Hoverboards come in six standard colors, including black, red, blue, white, gold and pink.

Compared to other personal transportation devices Hoverboard is more affordable. It’s compact and easy to carry if you’re crossing an area where you can’t use the scooter. You can even stream music through the Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Hoverboard Features

  • Hoverboards can travel approximately 8 miles per hour. This compares to a brisk jogging speed.
  • You can go as slow as 2 miles per hour when you’re learning to ride or traveling in congested areas.
  • The average range for a fully charged Hoverboard is between 7 and 12 miles. Terrain and riding style will affect the maximum traveling distance.
  • It takes 2 hours to charge the batteries. Charge it while you’re at school or at work so that it’s ready for the ride home.
  • Hoverboard weighs just few pounds, so it’s small enough to carry.

Safer Hoverboard Battery

Hoverboards have a non-flammable frame and a multi-layer lithium-ion battery pack that resists damage. The power supply is enclosed for improved safety. With a five-level battery life indicator, you can see exactly how much power is left. All Hoverboard units and battery packs are UL certified for peace of mind. There is an on-board battery management system that monitors the power supply. This safety feature to prevent current fluctuations, short circuits, power surges and overcharging.

Riding Your Hoverboard


Hoverboard is useful for traveling anywhere you’d go by bicycle, scooter or skateboard. It’s a great alternative to walking since you’ll get to your destination faster. It takes most people a hour to master your Hoverboard and some kids are zooming around within minutes. It helps if you can hold onto a friend while you get your balance. You can brace the edges of your feet against the wheel covers for more stability.

Self-balancing Hoverboards are designed to drive on smooth surfaces like driveways, sidewalks and paved recreational trails. Avoid potholes and obstacles just as you would when riding a bike or scooter. Good Hoverboard can get over small bumps, but they can’t go onto curbs. Make sure that there are ramps on your ride.

Hoverboard is more than a fun toy. It’s a practical device that will get you around town. A genuine Hoverboard will entertain the whole family for hours. Don’t forget to read out the reviews on Amazon before you buy it.